Two Selected to Governor’s School


Two Chatham Charter students have been accepted to the 2024 session of Governor’s School of North Carolina. This marks the first time two Chatham Charter students have been accepted in the same year. The four-week, summer resident program is held on two college campuses: Governor’s School East is held on the Meredith College campus in Raleigh while Governor’s School West will be held on the Greensboro College campus in Greensboro. Junior Lily Byrd is assigned to West while sophomore Kaylee Root is assigned to the East campus.    

The summer residential program, the oldest of its type in the nation, has a rigorous selection process with over 1,900 applicants statewide in this cycle. Over the course of the four-week session, Governor’s School students participate in three curricular areas. Byrd’s primary area will be English, and Root’s will be Dance. The second curricular area makes connections between all of the academic areas including math, science, English, social sciences, the arts, and world languages. The third area of study takes elements of the other two areas and adds personal experiences, understanding of social worlds, and creates links between them all. 

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