State Archery Competition


The Chatham Charter Archery Club competed in the 2024 North Carolina State Bullseye Tournament on Friday, February 16, at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. There were 1,500 archers in 4th through 12th grades competing from across the state. The Chatham Charter high school team finished 7th with top archers being Jenna Burwell, who finished 16th in the high school girls division and 26th overall, and Dylan Stout, who finished 22nd in the high school boys division and 56th overall.

High school students James Adkins, Aubrey Blankenship, Avery Blankenship, Jenna Burwell, Reece Callihan, Kaitlyn Evans, Madilyn Fields, Addyson Foushee, Jessie Griffin, Savannah Jones, Dylan Stout, and Olivia Wilkie were all recognized as Academic Archers.

Maddax Judson led the middle school team, finishing 45th in the middle school division and 84th overall. Emma Suggs led the girls, finishing 33rd in the middle school girls division and 70th overall.

Elementary and middle school archers

Brady Nicks headed up the elementary team, finishing 63rd in the elementary boys division and 308th overall. Logan McNeal finished 76th in the elementary boys division and 337th overall.

“Congratulations to Chatham Charter Archery Club on an awesome day of shooting.  Everyone competed great, and we are excited for next year,” said Jennifer Bridges, PE teacher and club advisor.