State Accountability Data Released for 2021-2022 School Year


Chatham Charter School has nearly returned to its pre-pandemic academic achievement levels in the overall state testing and accountability model. In 2018 the school’s performance score was 78%. Data from the 2021-2022 school year gave the school a performance score of 76%. Both scores are rated as B in the state performance grade. The annual school accountability report from last year was released after the September 1, 2022 State Board of Education meeting.

The school has been proactive in navigating the challenges of educating students since March of 2020. School administrators and staff took a multi-pronged approach in their efforts. They included: 1) a highly focused virtual learning environment during the worst of the pandemic; 2) a carefully crafted plan for having kindergarten students on campus during the fall semester of 2020 when older students were still in virtual learning; and 3) returning to in-person instruction in January 2021 with a heavy emphasis on campus disinfection and personal protection measures; and 4) quickly identifying and responding to academic and mental/social/emotional needs of students. Additionally, elementary staff hosted a summer enrichment program the past two summers for at-risk elementary students in an effort to help them overcome academic deficiencies and be better prepared to start a new grade level.

“Our staff, students and families have been through a lot the past few years, as have all schools. I am glad to see Chatham Charter seems to be coming back from the effects of COVID and is on a path of continued improvement. Our aim is to become an A school. We have the staff, students and support of our families to make this happen,” said Dr. John Eldridge, Superintendent of Chatham Charter and the newly opened Central Carolina Academy.

Data in the state accountability framework provide indicators of student academic progress and school performance. Key indicators include: 

• Student performance on the required end-of-grade and end-of-course tests; 

• Academic growth outcomes for all schools; 

• School Performance Grades (SPG) for schools and for school-level subgroups; 

• Long-term goals for schools to improve achievement and reduce performance gaps; and

• Cohort graduation rates.

The background brief for the 2022 state accountability report noted that “statewide assessments and other performance indicators help educators, students, parents and other stakeholders measure the progress of students and schools and determine where to provide additional support.”