Reflection: School History


In 1996, the Chatham Academy Board of Directors decided to embark on the process of applying to convert its private school to a public charter school. The State of North Carolina had opened the door for charter schools to become part of the state’s public education system for the first time that year. The application was accepted and, in August of 1997, Chatham Charter School became one of the first 100 public charter schools in North Carolina.

Over the course of the years since, school leaders have added extensive campus facilities and, in 2013, a high school expansion to its K-8 configuration. Three employees have been part of the school since its time as a private school. They are Dale Bunch, Kelly Golden, and Julia-Brent Milholen. Learn more about the history and growth of Chatham Charter here.

“What has surprised me most is not that we built the dream of a K-12 school with the gym and all of the athletic fields and facilities. But by building the dream we have touched more lives than I ever imagined. The number of students, faculty, staff and their families who have benefited from this endeavor is extremely rewarding,” said Julia-Brent Milholen in reflecting back on the most important impacts of Chatham Charter.

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