New Spirit Gear Stores

Click to shop the M2 store, a local Pittsboro business. $5-10 per item sold comes back to the Boosters to support Athletics.

The Knights Athletic Boosters heard your call for more Knights apparel and accessories, resulting in not one, but two online stores to meet your needs as well as returning profits to the Boosters organization to support Athletics. Both stores will be open year-round and ship to your home.

The first store is run by M2 Graphics, a local store in Pittsboro, and features four limited edition designs that can be ordered on several items, from t-shirts to hoodies and hats. For every item sold, Boosters receives $5-10 per item.

Click to shop the BSN store. 10% of sales come back to the Boosters to support Athletics.

The second store is run by one of our athletics vendors, BSN, and features a wide product assortment, many personalization options, including specific sports teams and fan designations such as proud parent or alumni, and many popular name brands. Ten percent of all sales will return to the Boosters.