Knight Spotlight: School Lunch Staff


Brittany Smith attended UNC Wilmington and worked in criminal defense as a paralegal before she began working at Chatham Charter in 2019.

Stephanie Law began working at Chatham Charter near the end of 2022. “I attended Leon’s Beauty School while I love doing hair and enjoyed working behind the chair for 15 years I decided a change was needed for my family and our busy lifestyle,” explained Ms. Law.

“Chatham Charter joined the National School Lunch program in 2023, providing us with the opportunity to serve our students nutritious lunches catered by Chatham County Schools.  We are fortunate to be able to serve the entire student body and are able to cultivate relationships with students across all grades K-12. Our favorite part of the day is seeing the students’ reactions to our “Joke of the Day” on the lunch bulletin board.”