Knight Spotlight: Math


Rodney Garner, a mathematics teacher, taught and coached volleyball at North Moore High School before retiring in December of 2021 and joining the Chatham Charter staff. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro and a Master of Technology from North Carolina Central University. He also holds National Board Certification.

“One of my favorite lessons is measuring elevation and depression using our hypsometer to find the height of a building or flagpole.  With this activity students will use their trig functions (most of the time tangent) to find the height of the school flagpole.  Having found the angle of elevation with the hypsometer, students will use the angle of elevation and the distance from the base of the flagpole to find the height of the flagpole.”

Angela Kincaid, a sixth grade math and science teacher, began her teaching career in 2005 as a 7th grade math teacher for Flint Community School in Michigan. After moving to North Carolina, shetaught 6th grade math and was the middle school math coach for Spring Lake Middle School in Cumberland County. She then transferred to Sanlee Middle School in Lee County where she was a 7th and 8th grade math teacher for ten years. Mrs. Kincaid has been at Chatham Charter teaching sixth grade math and science for 6 years. She earned a BA in Elementary Education from Saginaw Valley State University (MI) in 2004. Mrs. Kincaid has two children who attend Chatham Charter with her, and enjoys Chatham Charter’s family environment. 

“One of my favorite units to teach is Geometry. Shapes are easy to draw and kids can SEE what is happening. I enjoy having students bring in boxes to be able to ‘wrap their presents’ to teach surface area. I love to see students work together to discover how math relates to real life. I love being a middle school math teacher. I love being able to see the students grow throughout the three years they are on the hallway with me.”

Laura Mock, Chatham Charter’s 7th and 8th grade math teacher, received her BA in Physics with a minor in Environmental Science from Colorado College. Ms. Mock went on to complete a Master’s degree in Secondary Education with a focus in Math and Science Curriculum. Her teaching career includes experience in public, private, and charter schools in Colorado, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Throughout her time in the classroom she has taught a variety of physics and earth science classes, as well as a full spectrum of math classes from Pre-Algebra through college level Calculus. Ms. Mock then moved into school administration serving as Dean of Student and Faculty Affairs at Denver Jewish Day School in Denver Colorado before relocating to North Carolina. She joined the Chatham Charter faculty in 2022.

“When asked what unit was my favorite to teach, I had a really hard time choosing! I have a deep passion for both Geometry and Calculus. My 8th grade students are currently working on the state Geometry standards. They are creating original comic strips in which the character’s stories involve the development and use of the Pythagorean Theorem. This project is a favorite of mine as it not only tests their understanding of the mathematical concepts at the foundational level, but also pushes them to apply the theorem in a different context. This skill requires a much greater depth of knowledge of the theorem. I also love that one requirement in this project is to also include the use of a literary element such as humor, irony, drama, or satire as a cross curricular component with ELA.”

Kara Root, a mathematics teacher, began her teaching career in 2000. She holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. She spent nine years teaching in Michigan before moving to North Carolina to teach. In addition to her teaching duties, Mrs. Root is also a high school Beta chapter advisor and works closely with mathematics teachers throughout the school with curriculum continuity. Mrs. Root was the 2016-2017 Chatham Charter Teacher of the Year. In 2019 she was invited by state curriculum leaders to be part of the revisions team for high school math and a team that develops frameworks for K-12 math standards.

“My favorite unit is logarithms. I love when they get their “light bulb” moment when they realize that they are easy to do even without a calculator once they understand what they are. They are used in so many different areas of study including chemistry, weather, and sound so it allows us to easily apply it to different classes and areas of their life.”