Knight Spotlight: Kindergarten


Lisa Powell, a kindergarten teacher, began teaching in 1993 at North Chatham Elementary.  She left in 2000 to raise her children for the next 15 years. She returned to her teaching career at Chatham Charter in 2015.  Mrs. Powell is a graduate of UNC-CH and received her teaching certificate from Meredith College.  

What Mrs. Powell enjoys most about teaching kindergarten is the relationships she builds with both students and parents. She also enjoys witnessing the dramatic growth that is made from the first day of Kindergarten to the last.  “You really do learn everything you ever needed to know in kindergarten!” she commented.  Mrs. Powell also enjoys teaching the life cycle of a butterfly unit each year.  “Each student has their own animal that they get to observe progress through each life cycle and eventually release back into nature.  The recording of observations and drawings are so much fun to complete.”

Jaime Connor, a kindergarten teacher, earned bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), and later attended Greensboro College for her teaching certification. She began her teaching career in 2006 and is her 17th year teaching kindergarten at Chatham Charter School. Mrs. Connor is currently taking LETRS training and is a member of the School Improvement Team.

“Teaching continues to be my driving passion and motivation. Kindergarten is where my heart belongs! I absolutely love to watch our little Knights learn and grow throughout the year! In the spring, one of my favorite units that I love to teach is the unit on understanding life cycles of different animals and plants. My kindergarten students observe and learn about what seeds need in order to grow into a plant and the process in which caterpillars transform into butterflies. Throughout the unit, students are challenged to think critically about how the life cycles of plants and animals are similar and different, and what all living things need in order to survive.”