Knight Spotlight: Kindergarten & 1st Grade TAs


Janet Baxter, Kindergarten: My favorite activity is helping students with their penmanship. I truly enjoy demonstrating the correct way to form letters and numbers.  Watching students become excited when they form letters and numbers correctly is such a joy to me.  I love seeing their faces light up with excitement. They experience a feeling of accomplishment, which is always rewarding. I have been a teacher assistant at Chatham Chapter for five years.

Jamie Jordan, First Grade: There is so much that I love about 1st grade. My favorite is watching them grow in their writing and handwriting. Seeing their confidence blossom through the year is so rewarding. I have been an assistant for 15 years. 

Jen Poe, First Grade: My favorite activity is helping students sound out words and learn to read.  Watching the students grow in reading and grammar over the year is always such a joy to experience. It opens up a whole new world for them. I have been an assistant at Chatham Charter for three years.

Dot Scheidt, Kindergarten: One activity that I love doing with the kindergarten students is playing sight word games with them, such as pong–watching them figure out the sight word on the ping-pong ball and then they get to try and bounce the sight word ball into a cup. They all get so excited to read their words and cheer each other on. Helping them with these sight words improves their reading skills. Watching them become strong readers over the months is my favorite part. I have been a kindergarten teacher assistant at Chatham Charter for 5 1/2 years.