Knight Spotlight: Health & PE


Jennifer Bridges, the high school Health and Physical Education teacher, began her teaching career in 2012 at North Moore High School. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Catawba College in Exercise Science and Physical Education. She is also the coach of the Chatham Charter Archery Team.

“I really enjoy teaching the tennis and pickleball units. It is just fun to see how students that do not normally get super involved in whatever game we are playing all of a sudden love these sports. Even the students that are not athletes begin to become involved. They are both sports that can only depend on you, but also can be played as a team. They are lifelong sports that can be played anywhere in the world. I find it very important for everyone to learn the basic fundamental skills. Then they will have a firm foundation to build upon should they choose to.”

Danny Martin, the K-8 Health and Physical Education teacher, earned a Bachelor of Science in Health/Physical Education from Elon College (now University). Over his twenty-eight year career in Randolph and Chatham counties, Mr. Martin had many roles including teacher, coach (football, basketball, baseball, and golf), assistant principal, and athletic director. Having joined the Chatham Charter faculty this August, Mr. Martin also coached the high school cross country teams in addition to his teaching duties.

“My favorite unit lesson is circuit training. I love how the unit encompasses total body fitness. This unit is not just about physical fitness, but also works body coordination and movement skills. It is great for the middle school student, because with their bodies growing and changing with the onset of puberty, it teaches them how to work all parts of the body.”