Knight Spotlight: 2nd & 3rd Grade TAs


Emily Carlyle, 2nd grade: My favorite activity is witnessing how the kids create their short writing samples when they are featured as our class’ Star Student. This allows them to showcase themselves to the entire class as well as enhance their writing skills. I have been at Chatham Charter for 21 years.

Darlene Johnson, 2nd grade: One activity that I have thoroughly enjoyed each year is when our students get to explore the life cycle of a pumpkin. Seeing the amazement of their faces after each activity gives me joy. The children have to read their favorite book and make a pumpkin look just like the character. They really come up with some amazing looking pumpkins. I was first in EC for 16 years, and it was always rewarding to me, seeing the growth the kids would make. Being in second grade for the last two years has also been rewarding. Doing lessons and the fun activities with the kids are wonderful. I’ve been at Chatham Charter for 18 years.

Lorraine David, 3rd grade: The activity I like to do with the students is our fairy tales. They read the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears and afterwards get to write Goldilocks a letter. They get to tell her what she did wrong and then give her what things she should do to make things right. I love to hear them read their letters in front of the class and hear what they tell her. I have been at Chatham Charter for 23 wonderful years.

Rosa Salazar, 3rd grade: I am part of a team that inspires students to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes and constantly strive for growth. Being part of a team that is passionate in creating a positive impact in children’s lives is the most rewarding experience. Seeing our kids use their creativity and problem solving skills in many situations has been my favorite part. This is my fourth year with Chatham Charter.