Knight Spotlight: 1st Grade


Jennifer Clark began her teaching career in 1999 at Siler City Elementary where she taught second grade for two years. She came to Chatham Charter in 2001 and has taught first grade for 23 years.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Elon College (now Elon University). Mrs. Clark has been a member of the School Improvement Team (SIT) and 504 team, and teaches in Chatham Charter’s summer enrichment program for elementary students. 

“One of my favorite units I teach is Holidays Around the World in December. One of the standards we teach in first grade is identifying cultural practices and traditions in local communities and places around the world. In order to successfully teach this standard, we discuss the way people worship, celebrate, and live their daily lives and how it may be influenced by their values, beliefs, and family traditions. During our travels, each student gets their own passport that we stamp as we travel to each country we are learning about that day. We also make suitcases for them to store all their crafts, writing, and activities from each country. It is a time to engage in a fun way and connect with their peers. I believe learning about differences and similarities in cultures gives my first graders a better understanding of traditions celebrated by other students around the world and in their classroom.”

Lisa Osborne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from East Tennessee State University. She began teaching in 1990 and has taught in various grade levels for over 30 years, with experience in PreK through 4th grade. Lisa has been at Chatham Charter School for 21 years teaching first grade. 

The thing Mrs. Osborne enjoys most about teaching first grade is “seeing the light bulb go off” when students are finally able to read fluently and understand what they have read. Mrs. Osborne believes reading is a very important component of teaching students because, once they can read, they can read and learn anything in school or in life. They will become lifelong learners.