Chatham Charter First Graders Create Time Capsules


First graders at Chatham Charter School recently created time capsules that they will be able to open as high school seniors. The unique dates that happen to occur during the two special years are 2/22/22, the date of the project, and 3/3/33, the date in 2033 that the students will open the time capsules. 

The questions the students answered included many of their favorites as elementary students that they will be able to look back on as twelfth graders. They included favorite color, food, game, place to go, sport or activity, tv show, and subject in school. The students also noted something they are proud of and what they want to be when they grow up. As a comparison point, the first grade teachers added information about the 2022 average price in North Carolina of milk, a fast food kid’s meal, a gallon of gas, and a large pizza. 

“I just loved the idea of the kids leaving a message for the future,” explained first grade teacher Jennifer Clark.

Listen to some of the first graders talk about some of their “favorites” they included in the time capsule here.