Celebrating the Class of 2024


Chatham Charter School sponsored several activities in preparation for its Class of 2024 to graduate. There are 44 students in the graduating class, 14 of whom have been students at the school since they were in kindergarten.

On Wednesday, April 24, K-8 students and staff enjoyed celebrating the senior class during an annual walk through. The seniors dressed in their graduation regalia and marched through the elementary building and middle school hall to the cheers of the younger students. The event is designed to inspire the K-8 students to envision the culimation of their own experience at Chatham Charter with its unique K-12 environment.

On Sunday evening, May 5, the school held a Senior Honor Night during which the high school faculty and administration presented awards and honors to members of the graduating class. State diploma endorsements, honor graduate announcements, scholarships, and other special accomplishments in academics and in extracurricular activities were features of the program. Derek Hamm, golf coach at Barton College, was the guest speaker. The theme of his comments focused on humility and the value of willingness to give and accept support.

Also on hand were Dr. Kristi Short, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of Central Carolina Community College, and History instructor Robert Barnes, to recognize each senior for participating in the NC Career and College Promise (CCP) at CCCC through its partnership with Chatham Charter. Thirty-one of this year’s seniors will complete a Pathway, a percentage nearly unheard of across the state. Three students completed two Pathways. All seniors participated in the CCP program. Short noted the strong partnership between the two schools that allows the majority of Chatham Charter upperclassmen to graduate with over 30 transferable college credits.

On Friday, May 10, senior parents sponsored a luncheon for the graduating class before the Commencement rehearsal.

The school held its annual Commencement ceremony on Saturday morning, May 11, in the Julia-Brent Milholen Gym on campus. During the ticketed event, families and friends celebrated the students completing their K-12 education and moving to pursue college degrees or enter the workforce. Seph Trageser and Ariana Rivera-Romo delivered speeches during the service. Trageser spoke on class memories, while Rivera-Romo gave the class challenge.

“This group of students was in kindergarten the first year I came to Chatham Charter. It is special to have gone through the entire K-12 experience with them. We know they will continue to do well in their post-secondary endeavors,” commented Dr. John Eldridge, Superintendent of Chatham Charter and its replication school in Sanford, Central Carolina Academy.

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