Alumni Feature #3


Chatham Charter is proud of the successes of its alumni and how they can inspire current and future students. Over the course of the summer of 2023, Knight News will feature alumni from its 2016-2022 graduating classes. These are only a sample of the incredible achievements Chatham Charter graduates are finding as a result of the opportunities they made the most of before and after high school graduation. Staff would enjoy highlighting additional alumni. Contact Beth McCullough ( to share good news about graduates.

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Farrah Ritter (Class of 2018)

Farrah Ritter attended UNC Chapel Hill and earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2022. She currently works as a registered nurse at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. Farrah is also studying at Duke University to become a family nurse practitioner. She will graduate from Duke in 2025 with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and she hopes to serve families in rural areas of North Carolina.

Grace Trogdon (Class of 2022)

“Since graduating from Chatham Charter in 2022, I have continued my studies at Central Carolina Community College where I am pursuing a Veterinary Medical Technology, Associate in Applied Science Degree. I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with and treat our colony animals on the college campus where I learn a lot of my hands-on skills. I will graduate from the VMT Program in the spring of 2024, complete my externship in large animal medicine in the summer, take my State and National boards in November, and then work as a Large Animal Veterinary Technician. The VMT Program is very challenging but it is so worth it.”

Rachel Brookshire (Class of 2020)

“As a rising senior in Genetics at NC State University, I have had three years of opportunity on campus and in the world following my graduation from Chatham Charter. I am double minoring in psychology, to coincide with my major, as well as coaching education, because I love sports and why not? I have had leadership positions within multiple clubs on campus, including the Genetics Club and the Club Tennis Team. I’ve experienced workforce shadowing opportunities in the field of Genetic Counseling in order to begin my graduate school applications this fall to continue my education at the Masters level following my graduation from NCSU next spring. Most recently I had the opportunity to study abroad in Prague through NC State’s Classic Summer 23 program for 6 weeks. I took this chance for personal growth and development and decided on a drawing and etching course which has nothing to do with my major or career aspirations, but it was the best choice I could have possibly made. It gave me the chance to meet lifelong friends and explore the country I was calling my home for the summer. While I was abroad in Prague, I took weekend trips to Paris (for the French Open) and Venice (for a mini vacation) and had the time of my life exploring more cities and cultures and just taking time for myself. I have decided to make college about me and the things that I am most passionate about and have made my time so far about the chance to grow and better myself and immerse myself in the world around me and I am beyond happy that I have had these chances to do so. I look forward to my senior year at NC State and my further education and career down the line and what more I can accomplish and achieve when presented with the passion and opportunity.”

Carter Phillips (Class of 2021)

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