High School

9-12: Career & College Prep



The high school at Chatham Charter focuses on solidifying skills that will help students be well prepared to navigate life. Through a rigorous academic program as that guides students in completing many of their state high school graduation requirements within the first two years, students are prepared to take college level courses as upperclassmen. The "unwritten curriculum" of skills such as time management, organization, study skills, self-advocacy, and independence are key components of the program in bolstering success for students.

NC Career & College Promise

Chatham Charter has a partnership with Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) in using the NC Career and College Promise (CCP) as a key aspect of the Chatham Charter high school academic program. It gives eleventh and twelfth graders ability to earn over 50 transferable college credits with free tuition. The courses are considered “dual credit” because they also help the students simultaneously meet high school graduation requirements and accumulate college transfer credits. The majority of seniors at Chatham Charter will complete one of the “pathways” of study, an accomplishment achieved by few students across the state in the CCP program. Over 75 percent of graduates will earn at least 32 transferable college credits. The Chatham Charter high school program is modeled after a middle college concept. Its master schedule has both high school and college-level courses built in versus allowing upperclassmen to take the CCP courses if they can fit them into the high school schedule. Juniors and seniors have a combination of traditional seated, online, and hybrid classes. They will typically take some classes on CCCC campuses in yet another of Chatham Charter’s steps toward preparing for them for college life.