Inspiring lifelong learners

Elementary students use the school library to find books to check out

The Chatham Charter Difference

As a K-12 school, Chatham Charter is able to impact students from kindergarten through high school graduation. School staff continually looks for ways to make connections within the K-12 setting. Teachers across all grade levels collaborate in working to maintain a curriculum that spirals upward with strong connectedness to ensure students progress seamlessly through the grade levels.

An ongoing area of focus for Chatham Charter is college preparedness. It begins in elementary school, teaching solid skills for success that lead to young people who will flourish after high school graduation. The middle school continues building on this foundation, equipping students to succeed in a rigorous high school environment. High school students complete the majority of state graduation requirements in their first two years and are able to begin taking college courses as juniors.

By the end of the senior year, Chatham Charter twelfth graders earn an average of 33 college-level credits through the Career & College Promise, resulting in enormous savings for families and giving them great flexibility for future plans. Ninety percent of graduates have plans to attend a two- or four-year college/university directly upon graduation. Others go into the workforce or military.

State Accountability Data

School Year Composite Score Letter Grade Notes
2012-201360.60%Not assigned by NC
2014-201574%BMet growth
2015-201678%BGrowth exceeded
2016-201780%BGrowth exceeded
2017-201881%BGrowth exceeded
2018-201978%BMet growth
2019-2020n/a*n/a**Not issued due to COVID-19
2020-2021n/a*n/a**Accountability reporting waived
2021-202276%BMet growth
2022-202375%BMet Growth