A Legacy of Campus Artwork


Have you ever wondered about the artwork painted in strategic locations around the Chatham Charter campus? Over the years, high school art students have left legacies through the pieces. They are in some classrooms and other frequently used spaces in all three buildings. Artists in the Class of 2024 describe their inspirations and what it means to have a painting on the wall at Chatham Charter below.

Colton Todd: Throughout elementary and middle school, I continuously looked at the art room’s ceiling and saw these seemingly masterful paintings on the tiles. I was so excited for the day when I could create my very own long-lasting impact on the school. Now having painted multiple murals for the school, it makes me emotional to think of the future generations of students who will wander into the library, or the art room, and become inspired by the art I’ve created. (Colton’s piece is painted above the media center reading room door.)

Lilly Davis – I always dreamed of having a wall painting that I can call my own. Throughout all my years in school, I wanted my wall painting to be in the library, not only for other kids to be inspired but to also to spark interest for my little brother to follow his artistic dreams. (Lilly’s pieces are on the media center reading room walls.)

Ry Ward – From when I first stepped foot in the art room I was captivated by the wall and ceiling paintings. I love the idea of immortalizing your thoughts, feelings, and personal style through art. I wanted to leave a piece that the next generations of students would appreciate, speculate on, and feel inspired to follow their own artistic endeavors. (Ry’s piece is in the high school art room.)

Gracie Trogdon –  I will never forget those days in middle school admiring all of the wall paintings throughout our school. Art has always been a huge part of my life, and I couldn’t wait to be able to have a wall painting of my own. They bring so much life and color to the school! Growing up, one of my favorite memories is watching western shows with my grandpa. When I look at this painting, it brings a nostalgic feeling and floods my mind with memories of watching all the classic western shows with my grandpa.  (Gracie’s piece is in the high school art room.)

Colton Todd and Gracie Trogdon – From inspiring each other’s artwork to sharing our favorite songs, Colton and I have been best friends since the 6th grade. Being able to paint something together was challenging, but worth it. We were happy to leave something behind representing our friendship in the library for many kids to see!  (Colton’s and Gracie’s collaborative piece is in the library.)